Book Fair

Getting childern to read is one of the primary goals of schools & parents and one of the most popular way of doing that is BOOK FAIR. Book fairs are in-schools events that bring joy & excitement of reading, right to the students.

We have been conducting book fairs since last 5 years with a big hit. The encouragement and appreciation we have received from schools and parents alike has inspired us to get better & more polished. Honestly the schools that were a bit apprehensive have started loving us and we have become a regular name in their school event list.

Form newly released books to best sellers and award winning titles and perennial favourites each book is hand-selected by our experts. Our collection is full of affordable books from major renowned publishers from india and abroad. Our superb collection of titles & visual presentation is the cynosure of all eyes. Childern love browsing through the shelves and get locked on books. (It creates excitement for reading & revenues for schools.)

Our mission is to help childern become passionate readers & lifelong learners. Putting books into kids hand is the primary motivation of book fairs.

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